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Enjoy 4 big advantage East metal casting

With the most rigorous, the most perfect casting products

mg游戏Specialized in providing precision casting, locomotive accessories, auto parts, high-pressure valve body and other high-paying technology production

Have precision foundry and machinery processing plant,Can meet the customer mass production demand

Aote mechanicsWith advanced water glass lost wax casting process, it is domestic meltingMold casting large scale production base

Improve the better production efficiency

Aote mechanics With advanced wax injection equipment, efficient and energy-saving melting equipment,5 times productivity

Aote mechanics Have a strong production capacity,Automatic shell assembly line,Annual production of 3,000 to 5,000 tons

International quality management system

Have the complete scientific quality management system and management means,Monitor every detail and link to ensure product quality

The quality of the products is always available in the industry, and at home and abroad,International and domestic well-known enterprisesmg游戏To establish good cooperative relations in the long term

Equipped with advanced detection equipment and advanced spectral quality testing instruments,Can control up to 8-9 product precision, product quality through ISO9001 quality assurance system certification

Perfect after sale service system

Have a professional customer service teammg游戏, regular return visit tracking service

Quick response: 7*24 hours customer response service,7* 24-hour after-sales hotline service

Have own professional logistics distribution team and logistics distribution car,Ensure timely delivery

Complete scientific quality management system, advanced and complete top detection equipmentCreate gold quality for customers

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About us

Baosh auto - Jiangshan Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., located in the beautiful scenery of the world natural heritage - the foot of Jiang Langshan, Beijing high-speed (G3) near the exit of Jiang Langshan.

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Baosh machinery, processing speed

Baosh machinery, processing speed

The 2007 selection and Aote machinery company, now has 7 years of cooperation, I love Australia mechanical services they work seriously very, efficient and fast, especially the service is in place, have their own logistics team, delivery is fast, I trust baosh machinery!

The most rigorous production process, the most perfect product

The most rigorous production process, the most perfect product

Jiangshan baosh Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. to provide high-tech products and services to domestic and international famous brands, the company with the most rigorous process, the most perfect casting products, the quality of products won the industry any, many international and domestic well-known enterprises at home, the other...

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Error prevention in the manufacturing process of sand, rat tail and depression
All measures to prevent the stratification of the shell and strengthen the interlayer binding force are beneficial to eliminate the defects in the tail and depression of the mold casting. Such as surface coating viscosity can not be too small, the surface layer sand can not be too small.
Formation of sand, rat tail and depression
The casting surface is locally Alice tongue scar metal block. A sheet shaped shell sandwiched between a metal scar and a casting is called a sand defect. The surface of the casting is striped trench, the edge of which is the slippery tail of the rat.
Analysis of common defects in castings -- Sands
A layer of shell material is firmly attached to the surface of the casting. It is called slime, and slime is one of the common surface defects of the mold casting.
uality analysis of castings
The basic task of casting production is to provide good quality castings. The standard of casting quality is based on the requirements of the working process of the parts.


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